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Mounting grab bars on tile over concrete

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I am faced with an older construction home that has 4" sq. tile over concrete (like they did in the old days). What is the best type of anchor for a secure
hold? I prefer to drill the smallest holes consistent with safety. It may not be possible to locate the 3 holes on each end of the grab bar over a stud.


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Thats not concrete, its a mud set wall more than likely.
There will be standard framing behind it
Don't do what the poster above said if you don't want to get sued
What's on the other side of the mud job? Siding? Brick? Unless it's brick there is no 'secure' method since everything with the exception of drilling into block, brick or stud is going to be relying on the mud job for structure.
Liquid Nails
I hate to say this but in this instance I buy handrails where the manufacturer supplies the fasteners. Properly installed this limits your liability.

Most of the time the cust. wants the bar in a particular location. You may be able to hit a stud with at least one screw by convincing them to move a few inches. If I can hit a stud, I'll go big and SS. Other than that stick to the manufactures instructions.

I bed the bases in 3M 5200. It seals out water and is one heck of an adhesive. Clean the area and part well with denatured alcohol, cleanup is mineral spirits and always a mess. Lots of rags.

19 yrs of ADA projects and nothing but praise.

I stand corrected. It is certainly tile set in mud. I assume that topcon screws or the like will work if long enough to reach well into the brick behind the mud.

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