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Hi: Looks like a nice board. I am an owner builder, building a cabin in the mountain area of San Diego. I picked up a 1/4 acre lot at the right price, and it has its septic in. Contractors are charging $150-$180 psf to build, so I am going it myself. My plans are for a 1200 sf, cabin, two bedroom 2 bath. I have found a framing contractor, who does foundations. He is a nice guy, and the his price is fair. The hard part for me is pricing out the subs. Prices are as high in San Diego as anywhere, and subs are scarce. What would you all estimate for a very BASIC cost for the subcontractors for: Here are mine (materials and labor):

Electrical $4243
Rough plumbing $5116
Roofing (shingle) $6482
Siding (Hardiplank) $8388
Sheetrock, walls and ceiling $4334
Doors and windows $4990
HVAC $6792

Thank you for your input. Did I say this was a basic weekend cabin. OK good. Best wishes, L.L.
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