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Motion activated security lights

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Not sure if this is the right spot for this...
Finally got my 3" diameter x 20' pole set in concrete 5' in the ground and all wired.
I've used the motion activated spots and floods from the big box stores on many occasions and for the most part have been pleased. For this application (my trailer security) I want to go with the best I can afford.
Is there any difference out there with units as far as sensitivity reliability, sturdiness, etc? All the sensors I've seen pretty much look the same, except for degree of capture.
Comments welcomed. Thanks.
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I'm not sure about big box store lights but when I set up motion activated lighting control I look at the following.

The distance and the area I'm trying to target, then check the specs of the motion and see if they comply. Any good motion should give you the angel of the spread so you can calculate your coverage. Better motions are not only passive IR sensors (looking for heat and motion) but have microwave detection.

These guys make good outdoor motions (not sure if you can tie em into your lights easily though):
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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