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I found this on another site and figured it darned well better be shared, because it condenses multitudes of information all into one informative reference.

Enjoy and Learn!!!

By the way, I got all of this information from a site called


Some of the links you find here are to the same videos, tutorials, and tools that you may find in the various other working areas of the site. We have done this in order to save you time having to looking for them.
The specific Profile Landing Page work areas of the site will have the minimum number of tutorials to accomplish the task that you are working on, however we recommend that you also review any additional information in the Resource Departments so as to maximize the effectiveness of the Landing Pages that you create.

If a video here is marked with "Archive", it means that it was created at a point in time when the Trade-Pals website was laid out somewhat differently. The differences are listed below the video and are preceded with "re Archive:". The over all content is still relevant and is useful for learning purposes.

Quick Links To Essential 3rd Party Tools:

Live Human - Allows your visitors to interact with you right on your Profile Landing Pages.
Aweber Autoresponder - Cultivate Leads and Sales from you largest untapped Resource!
Byo Audio / Video - Audio & Video Testimonials, Visitors are never Directed Away, Very Convenient
Other Third Party Tools that we use and Highly Recommend:
Toll Free Numbers for $9.95/month - This is the most incredible system around for an unbeatable price.
Do You Need a Virtual Address? CLICK HERE to set one up. - If you work out of your house, this might be a good option for you.

Step 1. Fill Our Your "My Business Info" If You Haven't Already Done So.

  • Fill out your "My Business Info" now so that it is ready to go (you can change it at anytime), and so that you can get a feel for how to operate within the Trade-Pals Members Area.
  • The link is located in the Members Menu Bar at the top of the page. Move your mouse over the "My Content" link and you will see the "My Business Info" link in the drop down menu.
Step 2. Introducing you to the Google Keyword Tool. Here is the link to Google's Keyword Tool Watch the videos below to learn how to use it!

Intro to Google Keyword Tool - What it can do, and Why it is important.
What do the columns mean?
An example of what to look for.

More Examples of using the Google Keyword Tool:

What is your Market (Archive)
  • re Archive: Links to the Google Keyword Tool included below.
The Concept (Archive)
  • re Archive: Links to the Google Keyword Tool is included below.
  • re Archive: Links to the Commercial Intent Too is included below.
If you'd like to try another source for keyword ideas then you can give the free keyword ideas page from word tracker a try as well at

Help! I can't find a niche set of keywords that are not highly competitive, now what do I do?
  • Pick the keywords that you believe are most relevant to your product or service.
  • Type them directly into google and lets look for 2 things:
    1. How much advertising competition is there (more ads generally means there is more money in those keywords).
    2. What kind of "Back Links" do the top organic search results have. We check their back links using this sites Back Link Checker:
      Generally, Back Links are pages that point to another page on the internet and in doing so pass credibility "TO" the page that it is linked to. All things being equal, and you are stuck on which keywords to start with, picking a keyword that has competition with fewer back links means it will be easier for you to build up your own Back Links and move up in the Search Engine (SE) rankings. Back Linking (Done in Phase 3) is what you will do once you have found a Keyword combination and Landing page that is working for you.
Step 3. The Microsoft's Commercial Intent Tool.

We want to find out what people, with the greatest intent to buy, are typing in.

The general rule of thumb is: The more specific the keywords that they are using, the more likely it is that they intend to buy. For Example: Someone typing in "Green Snake Skin Cowboy Boots" is very focused; they are looking for that for a reason. If you sell those, then that is what you want to build a Profile Landing page around, versus building a page around just "Boots" and being buried in the millions of other pages about "Boots".
Some of the Keywords may not be as obvious to you and so we have found this tool to help you out.

For this next step, watch THIS VIDEO first.

Older Video on the Commercial Intent Tool (Archive)
Step 4. Take the data that you have collected, and begin to build your Profile Landing Page.

Go to the Members Menu Bar/My Content/My Profiles. This Video will show you where it is.

Remember to watch the "ABOUT THIS PAGE - VIDEO - CLICK HERE" video link at the top of the page before you start!

A Note about DELETING you Profile Landing Pages: If you have had a Landing Page that has been around for a while, we DO NOT recommend that you delete it. Rather than delete it, you should edit it, because it will have been indexed and any back links that have been created or page rank that has been attained will be broken and lost. You will be starting ALL over again trying to get a page to show up organically (naturally).


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More that wouldn't fit in the first post.....


Step 5. Company Banner Notes:
The company banner is an image that you, or someone else, creates. The words and what that image contains can not be read or interpreted by the search engines. It is there solely for the purpose of Human Interaction.
You only have seconds to capture your Leads attention, and Trip that Psychological Trigger that says to them that, ".... Yes, I am in the right spot."

We recommend that you Repeat The Keyword(s) that you have chosen in the Banner Area. There is nothing more frustrating on the internet than landing on a page that the Search Engines said was about what you were looking for, and then have to manually "hunt" on the page for it.
There is a free banner maker available for you to use. It is a Third Party tool (Trade-Pals Does Not Own It), but it works quite well.

Click This Link to watch the Video on how to use it.
Then you can follow this link: Banner Fans, to get to the banner maker itself.

Remember, you must select a Custom Size of 956x100 to have the banner fit properly over your Profile Landing Pages.

If you do not have the time to Create A Banner, Contact Us and we can put you in touch with someone who can help you make one.

Step 6. Your Headline
We have repeated the link here to a list of the 100 Greatest Headlines ever written to help give you ideas on what to write for your headlines. The 'TOOLS' link in the Headline section of your My Profiles page links to the same list. If you are having trouble viewing the list, you can just right click on the link and (in FireFox) select: "Save Link As..." , and save it to your computer.

We have coded the headline so that what every you write there will be given certain consideration by the Search Engines. As a result you should try to integrate (if you can) you keywords that you have chosen there as well. With regard to the center content, we will be talking about a 3rd tool that we can use to help the Search Engines determine what your Profile Landing Page is about.

Step 7. Put up a Video! It's Fast and it's Easy - It also increases Conversion Tremendously!

You have 3 options when it comes to hosting video on Trade Pals. You can host it with BYOAudio Viddler, or You Tube. As with anything, you get what you pay for. You Tube and Viddler are FREE, and we have integrated them for those that are on a budget, however, what you need to realize is that if you use their services there is a catch. The catch is, if you double click on the video to get it to play, it will re direct you to their site, and your LEAD will have just left your Profile Landing Page!
If you use BYO Audio that doesn't happen and, just as important, you have gained the ability to add Audio Testimonials to your Profile Landing Pages which are far superior to just text! It is also very very convenient to get these testimonials. You can have your past clients call in the testimonial to your BYO Audio account directly. All you have to do is add the code to your Testimonial and it appears automatically, properly formatted! Just click on this link: BYOAudio to go to their home page and check out their service.

Now, you do not have to have a video camera to add video to your Profile Landing Pages. You can simply make a screen capture using free software or some very inexpensive paid software. We give you links below to these.

1. Windows Movie Maker and PowerPoint A number of videos have been made using this software that comes with windows Vista, and can be downloaded for free from Microsoft for windows XP home and Pro (Just Google "Windows Movie Maker").

You can create the slides for your show two ways.

i) Microsoft Office's Power Point maker is one way. The only thing you want to remember is this: When you are ready to make your video, you want to make sure you select "Save As...". Then when it asks you to name the power point file, you need to do one more thing -- In the drop down menu labelled "Save As Type" you need to select "JPG", and it will save all the slides as individual 'jpg' pictures. Only do this AFTER you are done making your changes, otherwise just save it as a regular power point presentation so that you can work on it later.

ii) Use the Free Office Software called OPEN OFFICE. You can get the software by following this link: . Once installed, the program you want to run is called Impress. It is fairly easy to use and there is lots of help on the internet if you are not sure on how to do something. The key to this software is how to save the slides when you are ready to make your video. Watch this video and it will show you what you need to do: Saving Your Open Office Slides

Now you can import them into Windows Movie Maker, adjust your transitions, and even Narrate your production. If you are on a budget but have some time to play with it, then you can do a fairly decent job with this software. We have made a short video to help get you started with Windows Movie Maker:

Windows Movie Maker - Getting Started

2. Vlogit This is a great tool for making Video's that sell.... Only $29.00 It has a lot of nice little extras that help make your videos feel a little more professional without looking to polished. It has a variety of background "music" lead-ins and lead-outs, as well as back drops for your slides (you won't need to make a power point presentation first, you can do it right within the program itself). It even has the capability of doing "green screen" captures. This is where you film yourself with a green screen background and then blend in a dynamic backdrop when you go to produce the video.

3. Camstudio This is Free Screen Recording software. You can record what you see on your computer (such as a power point presentation) while you talk about it with a headset or mic. Then you upload the production to one of the 3 hosting services mentioned above and then you put the code on your profile. You can click on the Camstudio link above to learn more about them, or to save you some time, if you just want to download it, you can click on this link here for the programs install file: CamStudio20.exe

Camstudio has a Paid version that is much more flexible, and will allow you to edit your productions significantly and will help you produce a nicer finished product. The free version is a one shot deal - if you make a mistake you'll have to do a retake from the beginning again. In short, it is not the most user friendly software, but it can be done.

Making a video is easy to do and, and if you want to get your message across to your visitors, the absolute best way to do this is in a video! DON'T MAKE THEM READ! The easier you make it for them the better the chance you have of creating a connection with them, and of having them follow up with a phone call or email to you, and that's why your here - right?!

NOW . . . What do you say in your video?

You can repeat essentially what you have in your copy (what you write for your center content) - but what is that?

There is a very basic formula that has been used from the beginning of time. The formula that you need to follow is:

1. State The Problem

Repeating the problem - the reason that they came to your Landing Page - Confirms for them INSTANTLY that they are indeed in the right spot, and starts to build trust that you understand their situation.
You know your customers best - ask yourself what their #1 problem is - then simply repeat it.

2. Agitate the Situation

This is not as bad as it sounds. You essentially expand on the problems that they are having.

If they are looking for a cheap "x", and you know that the majority of your clients always do a lot of looking before they buy - play on that. You can say something to the effect that, "...and you have probably called dozens of other people, and they are all telling you the same thing....that is so frustrating. It feels like it's never going to end...".

For the same reasons as in the first step - this helps your visitor to psychologically identify with you.

3. Provide them with the solution.

Show them how your product and service can help. Be specific. Don't just "say" you can help; tell them how and give them the offer.

4. Call To Action!

Do not assume that your visitor has a clue as to what to do next. Many Don't! Tell them what to do.

Say: "Call Me", "Email Me", "Download My Free Report", etc, etc. Tell them WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO DO!

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More that wouldn't fit in the 2nd post.


Step 8. Autoresponders

Autoresponders are the most under utilized tool available to us! They help us cultivate Sales from the biggest source of Leads that we all have! What is that source? Our past visitors AND customers!

Everyone is out chasing down "The New Lead" and they have completely abandoned the people who have already found them!

A majority of the time, people are not ready to purchase the moment they land on your Landing Page. THAT DOES NOT MEAN THAT THEY WON'T BUY!!!

Auto Responders allow us to follow up automatically with our visitors and past customers by giving them valuable information about our product or service. It is something that they have ASKED for, and so it is not spam.

It can be a free report that you create, "7 essential things you must know about (???) before you by - FREE". Giving your visitors as much FREE information as you can is a great way to establish a relationship with them.

As you update them with other free information that you have for them, you are building TRUST and when they are ready to by, the reports that you have sent out will all have links back to you Landing Pages that you have created, thus giving them a way to find you again. We have all found a site on the internet, walked away from the computer, and then tried to find it again - and couldn't.

Autoresponders help eliminate that problem, and as the name suggests - its all automatic. You set up your email campaign (the series of FREE Reports and Information you have) and it is done.

We will be adding more help in this department soon. For now, if you need help with putting a video up, make sure you contact us and we'll put you in contact with someone who can help you out.

Click Here To Go To The Awber Autoresponder Website

Here are the links to the Aweber Autoresponder "How To Videos":
1. How to Get Started
2. Email Newsletters with Free Templates
3. Build an Effective Follow Up Campaign

Step 9. Your Center content.

Part 1:

You want to follow the same formula as mentioned in the Video Portion of this Resource Department.

1. State The Problem
2. Agitate The Situation
3. Provide Them With a Solution
4. Give Them A Call To Action

There are a couple of other things you want to consider when writing your copy (Center Content). The first is you want to try and write your copy to try and capture readers who follow the 1st and 2nd path.
To help illustrate this we have added a portion of another video here. To watch it Click Here.

You should try to integrate the 4 step formula mentioned above into your 1st path when you write your copy. It has the added benefit of acting as a guide line for what to write in your 2nd path - it becomes more like a fill in the blanks scenario, and for those of us who are not writers it really helps.

Part 2:

Some of our members will have probably seen this video before but it is worth reviewing. It is the second in a series that was sent out a while ago, but is still very much applicable right now. In the following video we discuss helping Google determine what it is we are about on our Profile Landing Pages.

When we write our copy, we have to remember to work into it our Keywords that we have chosen. Remember, we want to be as consistent as we can all the way through from the Title (title tag) of our Profile landing pages, through the Description, and Headline; right on down to our copy - but there is one more thing that we can do that will really help us, help google, determine what it is we are about. That is to add "Lexical Words" to our center content.

In short, lexical words are words that we include in our copy that help define what our page is about. As an Example, if we were to talk about "Bats" which kind are we talking about? If we included the word "Flying" we know (and so does google) that we are talking about the animal. If we included the word "Baseball" you know were are talking about a piece of the games "equipment".
Watch this video on Lexical Words.

Follow this link to the example used in the video. Word Trackers Key Word Universe or paste this url into your browser:

Word Tracker has a Free trial offer. Use it to build yourself a list of Lexical Words for your copy.

Part 3:

Some may wish to integrate a PayPal "Buy Now!" link into their center content. This video will show you just how to do that: Creating a PayPal Buy Now Link

Step 10. Adding Testimonials.

~ Quote ~
"Having a preponderance of proof makes it possible to sell with 100% effectiveness, 100% of the time. What others say about you and your product, service, or business is at least 1,000 times more convincing than what you say, even if you are 2,000 times more eloquent."
Dan Kennedy
~ End Quote ~

Time management consultant Larry Dolan told marketing guru Dan Kennedy he closes every inquiry he gets for a speaking engagement. He has no brochure, no demo tape, no video tape. When a prospective client calls, Larry simply sends a hand-addressed box of copies of testimonial letters. Can you imagine the power of hundreds of letters praising his presentation? This is more compelling and believable than anything Larry could say about himself.

(Kennedy Marketing & Moneymaking Superconference 1998.)
So when you send a sales letter, include as many testimonials as possible. The testimonials are more likely to make the sale than your letter. When you make a sales presentation, have a supply of testimonial letters. If possible, get audio tapes and video tapes with testimonials.

Include testimonials in your advertisements. In some cases, an entire advertising campaign can be built around a series of testimonials.

Those who are not permitted to use testimonials about the results of their products or services may be able to use testimonials about how they deliver their products or services. If these limitations apply to you, get legal counsel to advise you about what you can do. For example, "The team at the Dr. Roth's office are so nice I would like to visit there for my summer vacation. They made me very comfortable when I had always been stressed out going to a dentist. Their office is so fun and oriented to patients that when I go there I feel like I'm at Disneyland! They took care of all of the paperwork for my insurance claims and helped me arrange a payment plan for my co-payment."

What should you take from this? Testimonials are absolutely Essential!
We have given the Professional Members the ability to add testimonials in 3 different formats, the best of which is a video testimonial. Make sure to add your Testimonials to balance off Profile Landing Pages before going on to Phase 2.

Video Testimonials can be quickly and easily captured with a simple "Flip Cam" Camera and then uploaded directly to places like You Tube.
They can be found here:

However, if you go to and type in "Flip Camera" you will find that they can be had for under $100. Ebay is another option to pick them up for under $100.

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Now Regarding Ad-Words
Now, some information about setting up an Adwords campaign.


This is where we Verify that the Keywords we have chosen convert into leads!

If we do not do this, then we risk implementing Phase 3 (Optimizing our Profile Landing Pages to be found and ranking high Organically in the Search Engines).

The Immediate Benefit of Phase 2 is that we can Drive Traffic to our Profile Landing Pages right away.

Adwords Campaigns

Note: When you sign up for your Adwords Account you want to make sure you sign up for the

"Standard Edition". Do Not use the "Starter Edition".
Follow this Video Link to learn how To Sign Up and Get Started

1. Sign up for an account
2. Quick Start Video - Your First Adwords Campaign
3. Google Adwords Learning Center

Tips - Writing your Adwords Ads

There is no sure fire, guaranteed method to writing an Adwords Ad and it is something that you should always tweak and test; but if you have never ever written an Adwords Ad before and don't know where to start just follow the steps below.

1. The Headline of your Ad (The First Line)
  • Use the keyword (Title Tag) you have chosen for the Landing page you are going to direct this Ad to and Stick It In The Headline.
2. If you have Benefits and Features you'd like to present in the ad, what order do you put them in?
  • People respond to an "Emotional Pay Off" in ads. These are the benefits to them. ie: It's easier on your back - put that in your second line.
  • "....Made out of aluminum, light weight, Strong..." This is the Feature; put it after the benefits.
3. If you still are not sure how to present your ad, try thinking of it this way:

If you only had 15 seconds to tell a complete stranger what it is you are about and what can you do for them, what would you say?

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Good Sites For Getting The Most Out Of Your Back-Links When You Contribute Content
Here are some good valid sites to make comments on or create your own informational article blogs to get the most out of your back-links.


Linking Strategies and Getting Found in the Search Engines Organically for FREE!

Posting articles on Authority Sites that link back to your Profile Landing Pages help boost them in the Search Engine Rankings. These are a few of the sites that you can use that will help you do that.

Authority Sites (In No Particular Order):

Ezine Articles
Google Knol
Quizilla (Journal Pages - Under My Stuff)
Eurekster (swicki)
Google Doc's (Make them public)
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