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Morning All!!

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Morning all,

I figured I would post a little about myself sicne i decided to go ahead and stick my name in the Contractor Talk pot...

I am from the Stafford area of Va which is about 30 minutes south of Washington DC, that is unless it is rush hour then it turns into a 2 to 4 hour drive :eek:

I am a landscaper by trade who is taking my part time full service landscape company full time this year.

As far as the landscaping end of it I tend to specialize in outdoor lighting and ponds but I am full service (aside from lawn maint... not enough profit in it for me).

I also do excavating work ranging from final grade work and driveways to lot clearing and residental utility work.

I will also be offering a home improvment / renovation division as well. I am actually working on a package with the help of a custom home builder friend of mine to offer the final punch out work and landscaping package for custom homes.

I am hoping that this little package idea will set me apart and help me make it full time. I am sure I will asking my fair share of questions but will try to not run the well dry!!!

I am also getting ready to start on a approx. 2500 sf addition and will post pictures at various stages along the way. It will include a landscape package as well. I am doign this one at my place but am going to use it to showcase my work.

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Howdy J.W. sounds like if all goes as planned you will more than have a full plate
good luck
its a catch 22 , just got to scedule right and hope for the best
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