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Morning All!!

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Morning all,

I figured I would post a little about myself sicne i decided to go ahead and stick my name in the Contractor Talk pot...

I am from the Stafford area of Va which is about 30 minutes south of Washington DC, that is unless it is rush hour then it turns into a 2 to 4 hour drive :eek:

I am a landscaper by trade who is taking my part time full service landscape company full time this year.

As far as the landscaping end of it I tend to specialize in outdoor lighting and ponds but I am full service (aside from lawn maint... not enough profit in it for me).

I also do excavating work ranging from final grade work and driveways to lot clearing and residental utility work.

I will also be offering a home improvment / renovation division as well. I am actually working on a package with the help of a custom home builder friend of mine to offer the final punch out work and landscaping package for custom homes.

I am hoping that this little package idea will set me apart and help me make it full time. I am sure I will asking my fair share of questions but will try to not run the well dry!!!

I am also getting ready to start on a approx. 2500 sf addition and will post pictures at various stages along the way. It will include a landscape package as well. I am doign this one at my place but am going to use it to showcase my work.

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Welcome from the northern side of MD. :)
Welcome! I'm new here too, and this is sorta along the lines I'm going. I currently have an excavator (kubota 121 with thumb) that I dig footers with, and next week hopefully will be picking up a 20+ yard 20k dump trailer to start hauling off site cleanup/demolition, and carry gravel to site to do some driveway work.
I also do excavating work ranging from final grade work and driveways to lot clearing and residental utility work.
Welcome! Sounds like you're going to fit in nicely around here.
Howdy J.W. sounds like if all goes as planned you will more than have a full plate
good luck
Thanks guys!!!

I belong to a few other forums but I am quickly seeing that this will be my favorite... where else do you get knowledgable help and a hard time all in one??!!!!! LOl

Boogie... I am hoping ot get a full plate but not so full that I become bloated and cant handle it without holding a name for quality work!!
its a catch 22 , just got to scedule right and hope for the best
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