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MODS TOS Pricing threads

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I know the rules are no discussing specific pricing, yet there is a painting thread dedicated to just that. What gives?

And don't get me wrong, I have no issue with that thread, just wish we could do it across trades.
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That thread pre dates my modship. I saw it pop up again about a month ago, and held off any action due to its longevity. I guess if you want to start a thread showing your own numbers, knock yourself out. If you start a thread asking other people to give you numbers for your job, I am gonna zap it.
I charge a multiple of tree fiddy for everything!
We don't really have an issue with members volunteering what they charge, though it is probably detrimental to our industry when a prospective client searches for pricing and finds some ridiculous amount posted by someone who shouldn't be posting sub standard numbers.

The main issue is someone (usually a first time poster) who comes here and says "I have a 2000 sf home to paint, how much should I charge?"

The answers, as you already know, vary so much that there is no way to effectively tell someone WHAT they should charge. It's none of our business to give someone bad information. We have no way to know what their current business situation is.

Personally, back to the volunteering bit, I also feel that it is giving bad information to whoever reads it. Could be a disgruntled client. Could be a first year carpenter who thinks they deserve more money. Could be an employer thinking his guys should get less money. It would be a wiser decision to have this conversation in private. A PM or off of the main viewing area, like the HH Zone. I don't have issues with either of those options.
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I charge a multiple of tree fiddy for everything!
I figure what the job will cost, add it to what I want to make, and multiply by tree fiddy. 60% of the time, it works every time!
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