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Long story...short

Marco claims my exhaust was dirty and therefore creating back pressure on the system when I am shutting down and bleeding air off of the pot and the back pressure is dusty air which goes up into the solenoid trashing it and then down to the air side of the maxxum valve also trashing the cylinder wall...I purchased a new piston and housing which is essentially the cast body that is the valve...when I rebuild the whole thing I ddint realize there is a v seal under the tungsten sleeve (where you mentioned yours is urethane) and when I went back to take it all apart the cap that the media adjustment knob screws into galled the threads and ruined the new housing...

Now I haVe lots of spare parts!

They claim I should extend the muffler down with a longer pipe almost to the floor to give it more expansion room...sounds like a silly fix but I'll try it...

Love my Marco pot though...that thing has almost no wear
on the tungsten sleeve and plunger...I'd buy another!
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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