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Morning everyone :)

Use treated plywood, with 24" OC uprights (maybe 16") , extending this stability just beyond the flower-box area to the left and right of the area behind for support.

Since I am certain the skirting is above ground**, you may need a treated 2x4 base plate for the 1) on dirt or 2) on concrete for the uprights to sit on. Apply the treated plywood skirting face. Then build your flower boxes in front of the treated plywood, making sure the boxes are well-built and sturdy.

The uprights should be treated if the treated base plate is on dirt- (Earth-to-wood )

you might be able to get away with regular 2x4s for uprights behind the treated plywood skirting, if the treated base plate will be on concrete, such as perimeter stringers previously poured .. running linear around the home perimeter.
**Check your codes, for a smidge more $$, you and the customer will have the assurance of all-treated plywood-uprights-baseplate
regular uprights that may start to rot in 15 years or so.

If on dirt, do some simple gardenfork leveling, adhering to trying to keep the dirt as close to reasonably level as possible, prior to putting down your baseplate.

PS MorningWood, that is the type of comments that keep putting down those who have had to live economically in "MOBILE HOMES or MFD.Homes". Luck has not been their friend. However the past several years, many who lost their nice homes on the hill with the economy, have been very satisfied with an older mobile they can move right into it and fix up.

A "trailer" is a travel trailer, or something you fill with tree cuttings to the dump.

**The pitset generally has treated plywood skirting in front of the treated uprights, so the flower boxes would already have a good solid not-rotting "foundation" (est. 30 yr.) to build against.
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