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In stead of mixing the drywall compound with water I thought about mixing it with primer.
Has any one done this, I would like to avoid re-priming the walls after texturing.
Maybe this kind of thinking is what gives handy-men a bad name.

If drywall coumpound is to be mixed with water, it needs to be mixed with water, even if you mixed it with primer, it would need to be primed again.

Professionals do not take short cuts, they do it right the first time.

If the walls are not properly primed they will flash.

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I'm not tring to take short cuts, it's a repaint in an apartment, over the years the walls have been repaired so many times that I suggested textured.

Sherwin Williams makes a latex texture that doesn't require any additional prep before painting. I was going to use that. Apartment owner is a cheep ass.
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