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Mixed use property in Nevada

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I have some family friends thinking about moving up to Reno to retire. They want to have a property that they can have a loft upstairs and then he will have an art studio/gallery and she will have a small cheese shop below. She is a commercial interior designer so she has a bit of experience in the industry but will definitely want my help. I know homeowners are allowed to act as their own GC on residential projects that they do not plan on selling for a period of time, but I wasn't sure how it would work since it will be dual use.

If they are able to get permitted on their own can they hire me as a consultant? If this is possible I can have them hire all of the subcontractors and not actually deal with any of the money. They are close enough anyway that I likely wouldn't even take any pay for the project but I'm sure they will insist.

If it is not possible for them to be the GC on the project which license will I need, both? I assume that my license here in Arizona hold no weight there but I thought I would ask anyway.

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I read through the page from the first link before I posted it looked pretty similar to AZ requirements but I didn't notice that section. Looks like it just covers taking part of the test. Seems I would still have to get a new license there. Thank you for pointing that out.
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