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Mitertite Casing Assembly System Review

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My first new tool review is out now, in Tools of the Trade magazine, Fall Issue:

It was cool to be one of the first to use a new product, before it was even available for sale. It is a good tool & system. On my next casing job I'll take some more photos and show more about how the system works. It is nice to be able to screw mitered casing sets together with pocket hole screws... those miters won't open up.

All the best,

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Congrats Bass. I can't think of anyone else more qualified to test a system like that. Preassembly seems to be a big part of your process.
I'm a little sceptical as far as speed is concerned though. In a real world work environment, I can see the preassembly getting banged around trying to move from worktable to opening. Wouldn't an investment in your Collins clamps make more sense? Or do you not glue those miters?
Looking forward to those process pics.:thumbsup:
The pocket screws, glue, and the stretch clamps hold the assemblies together pretty securely... especially if you assemble a bunch of sets (so the glue on the first set kicks by the time you finish putting the last set together).

It makes for much more durable casing sets than the Collins Clamps... more like using Clam Clamps (though Clam Clamps are faster).

The selling points are miters held together with a screw and the way the system provides the splayed legs, that when pulled in, compress the inside of the miter (this is supposed to prevent the inside of the miters from opening in the dry season).

It would be interesting to trim the same house plan twice, once with standard methods and once with Mitertite to compare times.

If you ever biscuit mitered casings, the times would be similar, I think.

I'll use the system soon to trim a big house with a crew. I'll get feedback from the other guys too.


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I don't think I could justify spending the money when I already use biscuits.
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