There’s no question, landscaping and irrigation professionals, electricians, plumbers, and farmers alike can really dig the MiniTrencher family. Frankly, any homeowner in suburbia would want to put a GeoRipper® on their wish list, right alongside the latest trenching attachments for saws like the Echo® CSG-7410, and the battery-powered Milwaukee® MXF314.

With a look reminiscent of chain saws, the Original GeoRipper® can cut a trench up to 2” wide and 27” deep; six to 10 times faster than doing it by hand. The GeoRipper® T/A Trenching Attachment was launched in 2021, with a company initiative to start building and manufacturing products in the USA. GeoRipper® T/A offers quick and affordable trenching solutions to those that already own a concrete saw. This year, MiniTrencher welcomed SiBore™ Drill to its product lines. A patented portable horizontal auger that allows users to dig under anything that is hard without disturbing the surface.

Just like the MiniTrencher name implies, this entire family of tools is designed to replace old school shovels and pickaxes when it comes to digging through hard, rocky soil full of thick tree roots. These trenchers and augers are designed to let you cut right alongside a building foundation and now under sidewalks and driveways.

Read below to see our detailed overview of the product offerings.

GeoRipper® T/A Trenching Attachment Series

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For those that already have a Makita®, Stihl®, Husqvarna®, Echo® or Milwaukee® powerhead that they use for cutting concrete and masonry, MiniTrencher has the perfect attachment. With the GeoRipper® T/A, users can convert their current concrete saw into a full-fledged trencher in minutes for a multipurpose tool.

The GeoRipper® T/A encompasses a complete, affordable attachment system for rock saw owners. All GeoRipper® T/A models include the EZ Kart™, a quick connect trenching adapter, a trenching bar, two digging chains and a safety bar. These attachments offer a simple, portable trenching solution; whether it’s a quick fix to an irrigation line or digging for longer trenching runs. It now only takes minutes to turn a concrete saw into a small walk-behind trencher. Contractors that are familiar with and know the MiniTrencher brand, not only know they will receive a quality product made in the USA, but a product the manufacturer stands behind.

From a GeoRipper® T/A E Series compatible with Echo® to the GeoRipper® T/A S Series for Stihl®, these trenching attachments work with some the most popular brands on the market. Whether users are looking for gas or battery powered solutions that need to dig up to 20 or 27” deep, MiniTrencher has them covered.

Not sure which product you would need, MiniTrencher made it easier with their online GeoRipper quiz. This quiz helps customers easily figure out which product is ideal for their soils and applications.

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SiBore Drill

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The SiBore™ Drill is the newest product from MiniTrencher. This patented portable horizontal auger is designed to dig under hard materials such as concrete or asphalt sidewalks and driveways. As with other MiniTrencher products, SiBore™ is so light and small it can be hauled in the back of a pickup truck or car.

The SiBore™ Drill uses a waterless boring method, which means no muddy clean up. A great tool for landscapers, plumbers, electricians, sprinkler system installers, and more, the SiBore™ Drill weighs as little as 54 pounds and is powered by either a Honda multi-position four-stroke engine or a Makita 40V MAX XGT battery-powered motor. Two models are available: SB215 and SB216. The SB216 comes with 4” and 6” diameter earth drilling bits, while the SB215 comes with a 1” drilling bit – perfect for installing fiber optic cable.

Original GeoRipper

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The Original GeoRipper® started the company’s journey in making quality, reliable digging tools. MiniTrencher revolutionized an industry still reliant on manual labor for hand trenching.

All Original GeoRipper® models currently include a Makita powerhead. From the GeoRipper® 620, the most popular GeoRipper® on market, to the GeoRipper® 720 that uses a 4-stroke system; perfect for those that don’t want to worry about employees accidently mixing fuel incorrectly. The GeoRipper® 820 uses a heavy-duty gas-powered, 2-stroke powerhead providing users with that extra reassurance when digging in the rockiest and hardest soils.

The big dog of the lineup is the GeoRipper® 827. This unit can trench up to 27” in depth and is built for hardpan soils. A 2-stroke trencher, it’s engineered with an 81cc engine with 5.6 horsepower. It comes standard with an EZ Kart and all the other benefits of the smaller units.

Obvious Benefits

There’s no question a concrete saw-turned-trencher is a great idea. Instead of banging a tile spade up against the concrete wall of a building, you can go straight down with a GeoRipper®. The brand is clearly designed for anyone from industrial builders and landscapers to farmers. Jobs that would normally take hours can be done in a matter of minutes with a machine that strikes one as a chainsaw for rocky dirt full of roots.

Before you break another tile spade handle trying to cut through tree roots, you’d be well advised to check out GeoRipper®, which dig through roots up to 3” thick below grade. For those who’ve ever tilled the earth, it’s exactly what you’ve wished for.