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Milwaukee M18 clutch changes settings.

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I just noticed yesterday that the clutch on my 2601-21 drill will drop down a setting when the clutch engages. I was hole sawing on 23 and kept finding it reset to 20.
At first I thought it was my grip when the drill bound and rotated. but I changed grip locations and its still doing it.

Anyone else notice this? Wondering if its about to go south on me.

Cheers, Jim
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Had the same issue and ended up replacing it with a fuel m18. The clutch simply could not handle any hole or auger bits over 3/4 in. It would jump out of the setting whenever it began to bind up.

No issues with the Fuel model, it's a MUCH better drill kit.
unfortunately the 2601 is not a great drill. Every other M18 drill is quite a bit better.
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