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Millwork Shop Birthday

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Just got through my first year at our Millwork Shop in Manchester VT. Here's a few pic's of some of the Millwork and installations. :thumbup:
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Whats the name of the shop?

Were up in Wilder, VT and just had year 21 in October

My uncle owns McWayne Jewelers in Manchester
Happy Birthday to your millwork shop.
Happy b-day, and wish you many many more!!
Congrats, Jason!:clap:

Nice work.

What are you using for exterior millwork? If wood, do you have a wood preservative you like?



It's part of the General Contracting Company, just another division of it. Makes the book keeping simple and I'm not busy enough to slit them in two yet.


For my projects, we always use Western Red Ceder or Spanish Ceder for exteriors. It gets primed and back primed with a good quality oil primer. We've also milled Azek for certain applications as well but I try to stay away from that stuff. It does have it's applications though. The base moldings on the large house in those pics were made from Azek. The 20 year old Mahogany base we removed was mostly rotted, Azek seemed like a necessary evil...

Thanks everyone!
how many happy birthdays does 1 man need:w00t:

Nice avatar and happy b-day.
I knew you'd like that:laughing:
how many happy birthdays does 1 man need:w00t:

Back links bro...:laughing:;)
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Congratulations Jason. Here's to many more.:drink:
May this next year bring you the very best of happiness, health, and fortune.
Congrats Jason....many more year to come.
your work looks damn nice and congratulations:drink: if you survived this year you can do about anything :thumbsup:
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