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Miller paint

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Any one out there using Miller paint? I'm over here on the West coast and don't see any mention of it on this forum. I've used SW a few times and feel its grossly over priced. I got hook up with the Miller guys a few years ago and have been very satisfied. Is this a west coast only brand?
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I'm pretty sure they are regional. I'm on the east coast. The only way I've heard of it is because we use to carry Devine Paint, which was manufactured by Davis Frost over here, but Miller in the west. Devine wasn't that great in my experience with it. It was touted as a premium paint with an artist inspired color palette. We ran into all sorts of issues with burnishing. I'm not sure if to formulation for it was originally developed by Miller or not though. I know when Davis made the product they knew about the issues but told us they couldn't fix them because the formulation wasn't theirs.
I'm from Oregon and have used Miller a lot but not by choice. I much prefer sherwin. Miller Accropure is not good. Especially in heat. The color will change as the water evaporates from the can. I couldn't roll out a whole room. I had to roll and cut wall by wall to get the cut from flashing out. Miller premium sucks because you can paint a wall that is the identical color with it and you will have to paint it twice. I think that it has to do with the priming qualities of the paint. The first coat of Miller always 'breaks.' Don't know how to describe it. But you can't paint a white door white with Miller. I've painted preprimed doors four times with that stuff. Their acrinamel is pretty good and costs less than Pro Classic. I'll give em ups for that one.
I agree regarding the Acropure. I enjoy the lack of smell but coverage is poor. What sort of contractor pricing are you able to get on the SW paint? I've considered trying it but the reps have treated me poorly and have only offered a small discount if any.
I've always found sherwin pricing to be superior to miller. They seem to respond very rapidly if you're spending money in their store on a regular basis. The Miller service kind of sucks. Matches take forever and are poor quality. Prices are higher than home depot and they will not negotiate to even match the price. I'm a pro painter I'm not paying 125% for paint thinner g dmit! Sherwin has always matched box stores prices if I call them on it.

I think like SW it just depends on the store and manager. Miller got my business by matching HD'd price on behr. I know BEHR! But some of us have to learn the hard way!! My pricing on brushes,tape ect is actually most of the time better than the box stores. If I could get a decent rep from SW to deal with I might try them.
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