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I haven't used this one. We use Dynamics RMS for our retail business. It's a fairly solid program but I definitely have my gripes with how MS handles things.

They don't make hotfixes or service packs readily available and writing custom reports usually needs to be done by a Microsoft partner, which you have to be set up with and pay a yearly service contract to. If you can code MS XML you can write them yourself. It's got various quirks as well. Basically everything has to go though an MS Partner if you have any issues you need to have taken care of. Their newsgroups provide limited support at best.

At this point I wish we'd have given Quickbooks POS a closer look before purchasing RMS.

I know another store locally that uses Great Plains (Dynamics GP) and they like it but have let it get seriously out of date due to the constant input of capital required by MS to keep their sporadic updates coming. They don't actually bother to tell you about the updates either. You have to watch the website for them.

All in all, it's classic Microsoft business practice. I don't think I'd seriously consider any of their other products at this point. MS didn't make most of this software to begin with. They find a company that makes a good product and buy them out. Then they start tweaking things. From what I've heard in the newsgroup, most people who had the product before MS bought it liked it a lot better than they do now.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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