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Looking to be a contractor, or a programming company?

We are contemplating on creating an estimating, project management and financial management system using Microsoft Access, as well as other Office applications. Can this be done effectively to replace Quickbooks for financial management?
The brutal truth to your question is "No", not at least if you wish to also be spending your efforts to grow and manage your company. You will never get ahead once you start down this path. Too many things in technology are constantly changing and the last thing you should do in your business day is to have to be aware of them on a constant basis. You should be focusing on marketing, sales, efficiency and cash flow. Trust me, I am knee deep in the technical side of the business and I would be suprised if you could even come close to where we are. For example, the word "project management" brings in some many changing variables that I doubt you would ever get to where you wish you could be, let alone for a reasonable Return on Investment. Any opinions? Good luck. Brian
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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