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Microsoft access 2010

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Finally broke down & got a laptop...

Anyone got any pointers for this program? Seems like it has potential to link customers to jobs & jobs to customer specific "products"

Example: I bid an apartment complex interior repaint based on various floor plans. So each customer has roughly 4-8 specific "products" where the price is unique to that customer.

I would also like to link to what person worked on that individual product. This way I can click on the employees name & see a history of all jobs he ever did.
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So, for fun I can do some things no real coder would ever do.

On mouseup put ''10 inches'' into Sally.

Sally just became a local variable that contains the text 10 inches. I didn't have to declare Sally a variable. how simpler can it get? Lots.

Put ''BILLY'' into fld ''Agness''. Now drag out a field from the tools box and drop it onto the card canvass. Click on it and an inspector turns up , where you can name the field Agness. BILLY is now inside Agness.

I have a sick and twisted mind, at least that is what my Mom used to say........
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Visual Basic is considered event driven, and really almost any gui app regardless of language will be. The syntax looks like Visual Basic and Python got drunk one night haha!

I'm not sure how I like the no classes thing - they are extremely useful. Classes, inheritance, and pointers pretty much are indispensable. Classes aren't difficult, they just seem that way.

I'll find out more when I'm not delirious, and have time to play with it. I'm hoping it compiles executables instead of relying on distributing a runtime. That's one of my major gripes with Visual Basic, C#, and Microsoft's C++ for that matter the second you touch "managed code". Runtimes can only slow you down! It's one of my gripes with Java, but not by a long shot my biggest gripe with it.
On mouseup put ''10 inches'' into Sally
Thanks, now I've got to clean my drink out of the keyboard :laughing:
enough with the derailing ... Anybody got an extra copy of Access 2010 they'll donate to the development team? I don't want to pay $110 for it, I can't believe they even charge for it anymore - they've even got a free version of Sql Server!

30 day free trial is all I'm coming up with so far.
Ok lets get organized fellas. First we have to develope a gameplan for whatever program we use.

Ill draw pics tonite, & then we can sort out code.
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Got some pics? Maybe something like what you want the screens to look like?

I've been trying to access a copy of Access to no avail ...
Yeah hang on I'll go to my drawing board. Got overwhelmed w/work & social stuff lasy fee days lol.

Just got caught up/sobered up :)
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Now when the employee selects customer, that alters the job to presets for that customer.

Then when they click on "job" it opens a invoice where they can do add ons.

Example: bill does a 2 bedroom white for the arbors with 4 drywall patches. After job is complete, bill logs in selects customer and product. Then in the invoice he can add 4 drywall patches, click complete order. The invoice is then emailed to the client, & logged in the database.

Am i making sense?
It does make sense. One thing you might want to consider, is logins for the employees. The cornerstone of almost every system I've seen is security - by this I mean internal security. You don't want everybody to have access to everything. You don't want everyone to have access to modify pricing for example.

As a side benefit, when an installer employee logs in, things like the jobs pulldown will automatically be filtered to only have jobs for that employee.

But yes, that makes sense.
Thought I forgot about it didn't you? I've been duking it out with this guy and a stupid roof - haven't had a lot of good programming time - but I did come up with a couple of things.

I still don't have access - my buddy couldn't get me a copy, but I do have MySQL and Lazarus. It's been a while since I've done a desktop app, so I had to knock some dust off my mad skilz :D

There's good bad and ugly to that.

Pascal is a strongly typed language like C/C++, so you have to specify data types. If you want to display an integer or float (numbers you can do math with), you have to typecast it as a string (character representation). This sucks in some ways, but there are reasons it's good.

It's much more structured than C/C++, so it's really a better language to learn with since it forces you into better habits ;)

It's compiled code - runs without a runtime, or interpreter - so the code is light and fast. Pointers are supported - but you have to free any memory that you allocate - or your code will leak memory. It's easy though - if you open a database connection you close it when you're done.

I went through the quickie slapped together database to figure out what direction it needs to go, and found a few things that need to be addressed. I'll be getting to that soon.

I wrote a quickie little app to connect to that database, and populate the dropdowns like you want - but until the data structure is there to code against, it's futile going further. I'm working on that a bit now.

Not sure if I can attach a zip file, but I'll try - it's the lazarus project directory.

If you want to see what I've got so far, you'll need MySql Community Server, MySQL Workbench (the GUI tools), and Lazarus.

I'm running MySQL 5.5, and Lazarus 1.2.2 - BOTH are 32 bit, and that's important. If you get the latest MySQL (5.6) it comes with everything, but the windows installer is 64 bit, so you'd also need to install 64 bit lazarus - just to be sure they play together nicely.
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200k filesize limit on .zip files - PM me an email address if you want the code.
Smallpiere, I'll go download Sql now so we can be on the same page. Then we'll begin hashing things out tomorrow.

Been batshart busy lately, had work lined up for a new employee and he never showed up. Frustrating!! This week WILL end haha
ok got the first two but dont see lazarus...
For some reason, isnt' working. I got mine from the sourceforge repository:

make sure you get the version that matches mysql, the client libraries gave me some **** when I had one 32 and one 64 bit. Can fix I'm sure but easier to have both the same.
the rest of the site works fine :/

I've been on a job from hell the last couple of weeks - last job before the move has to be a toughie no?
You coulda told me to just get the mysql windows installer, lol. THAT was fun! ok, I'll go get the lazarus after work.

This could wind up being a cool little project.
lol! yeah - the windows installer for 5.6 - the latest version is 64 bit, but it includes everything you need. That being the case, don't follow the recommendations on sourceforge to get the 32 bit version of Lazarus, get the 64 bit version. This way it'll play well with the mysql client libraries.
I assumed you'd get the windows installer. There's a lot of different versions of it though. The older ones don't include the gui tools so you have to get that seperately.
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