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Microsoft access 2010

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Finally broke down & got a laptop...

Anyone got any pointers for this program? Seems like it has potential to link customers to jobs & jobs to customer specific "products"

Example: I bid an apartment complex interior repaint based on various floor plans. So each customer has roughly 4-8 specific "products" where the price is unique to that customer.

I would also like to link to what person worked on that individual product. This way I can click on the employees name & see a history of all jobs he ever did.
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Yeah...this is going to take a while. Good point on the keys. Been reading the included help section to learn as much as i can.

Going to build a web database that will enable employees to invoice customers and track job progress.

Gotta relearn alot of computer logic I firgot about iver the years. But I figure its definitely needed.
Its amazing how visual basic has lasted through the years. I can't believe we are still coding with that language.

I probably wont use acees in the end, but i figure it should be on par with other programs language wise. So before I spend any $ it will be good for relearning.
yes, macros appear to be written in vb or basic. I am only on try #12 so far...will be in the hundreds before its over.

Everytime i think I got a table laid out correct, i think up something new and start over.
I have quickbooks pro as well.

I didnt find what I wanted in it. I service apartment complexes. So each customer will have a unique set of services used repeatedly. For example: Customer one will have riughly 12 products, invoiced multiple times over the year.

Couple that with an all new service I am starting next month, where I will have tech's doing work, and well...

I am paperless. I want my tech to log in, record jobsite, hours, service performed, generate an invoice, as well as an inventory restocking list.
I'll check out sql. Thanks man. This is kinda just a pet project. So theres no real hurry.
Nope still here...laptop been in the shop...should get it back tomorow.

Buncha nerds... Carry on

So then have we agreed we are going to use mysql over access? Or both?
Quickbooks pro or otherwise aint free. I say this because I do not wish to piss money away for something I will not use.

Microsoft acces came with office, so I looked into it. They have a sample file called "northwind" that sparked my imagination.

So i dabbled with it & got more ideas.

As I said, I service apartment complexes & investors doing a wide variety of things.

Example: apartment complexes i just paint & drywall. Investors I do the entire flip.

Therefore, each apartment complex is bid out by unit/floorplan. Usually around 10 items/complex.

Now, in quickbooks that would mean a redonculous amount of inventory items. Plus, if an employee needs to do an invoice well...

But by creating a database, where said employee can log in via laptop or smartphone in the field things could be more smooth.

I dont know databases very well, but I do know that if you want a program to suit your needs you HAVE to build it, because there just isnt a 1 size fits all program for everyone.

So, from the sounds of it mysql is the most flexible & widely used program available.

Lets just use that, & toss ideas around shall we?
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Ok lets get organized fellas. First we have to develope a gameplan for whatever program we use.

Ill draw pics tonite, & then we can sort out code.
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Yeah hang on I'll go to my drawing board. Got overwhelmed w/work & social stuff lasy fee days lol.

Just got caught up/sobered up :)
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Now when the employee selects customer, that alters the job to presets for that customer.

Then when they click on "job" it opens a invoice where they can do add ons.

Example: bill does a 2 bedroom white for the arbors with 4 drywall patches. After job is complete, bill logs in selects customer and product. Then in the invoice he can add 4 drywall patches, click complete order. The invoice is then emailed to the client, & logged in the database.

Am i making sense?
Smallpiere, I'll go download Sql now so we can be on the same page. Then we'll begin hashing things out tomorrow.

Been batshart busy lately, had work lined up for a new employee and he never showed up. Frustrating!! This week WILL end haha
ok got the first two but dont see lazarus...
You coulda told me to just get the mysql windows installer, lol. THAT was fun! ok, I'll go get the lazarus after work.

This could wind up being a cool little project.
Yeah, im workin on that pascal download now. Half to leave in 30 mins for 16 hours of wrestling... 9:30 a.m. to midnight...ugh
Professional like WWE. My son wrestles, I referee. Show day we start at 10 a.m. To setup, then practice until the shows starts at 730 pm. After the show (1130) we teardown. Usually done by 130 am.
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