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Microsoft access 2010

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Finally broke down & got a laptop...

Anyone got any pointers for this program? Seems like it has potential to link customers to jobs & jobs to customer specific "products"

Example: I bid an apartment complex interior repaint based on various floor plans. So each customer has roughly 4-8 specific "products" where the price is unique to that customer.

I would also like to link to what person worked on that individual product. This way I can click on the employees name & see a history of all jobs he ever did.
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I just looked at MySql, $2,000 for one year of use? I would find a different way to track who painted a house. Maybe stick with Access or even Excel might have a function to do that.
MySQL is open source and free. The enterprise version is how open source companies make their money.

Driftweed, Why not just use LibreOffice's Base program not only will if create a db it will also interface as a frontend with MySql and it forks. It will also access the rest of the LO suite.

I have never used base but LO suite is my goto for office programs.
Am I on the right track so far?

What platform do you want to run this on - desktop, web app, or mobile? Or as a combination of any / all of the above?
Python is a scripting language, not a platform :p

Why Python? I know some people that like it. I tried it years ago but quickly determined that it just wasn't what I wanted.
I was just messing with you. :jester:

I took a interactive python course for game making last year. That is pretty much why I said it.

I know MySql can be programmed with python scripting. Using the MySQLdb module. I am not that talented though.
No issue with pointers they don't exist in python unless you are hybridizing with a C module. Use variables.

Python was easy to pick up. I pretty much quit learning C for py. Which I haven't used in a year. I need to relearn some things and the ways of py 3.0.
That IS the issue with pointers - their lack of existance. Pointers are the single most useful feature of an object oriented language. Some people say that without pointers, it is not really object oriented ...
I guess. I took a object oriented python course after doing a month or two of basic python at codeacademy. :thumbsup:
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