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Microsoft access 2010

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Finally broke down & got a laptop...

Anyone got any pointers for this program? Seems like it has potential to link customers to jobs & jobs to customer specific "products"

Example: I bid an apartment complex interior repaint based on various floor plans. So each customer has roughly 4-8 specific "products" where the price is unique to that customer.

I would also like to link to what person worked on that individual product. This way I can click on the employees name & see a history of all jobs he ever did.
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lots of good comments here. Access is definitely a limited database engine. I would go with mysql also. That said, I really doubt you want to use a database like this. I think there are tools out there that do what you want that are specific to the industry. A database is a very complex approach. Kind of like saying you want to read a book and someone gives you a big box with pieces of paper with words on them. Wouldn't it be better to buy a novel instead.
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