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MgO board

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Has anyone used MgO board? I used it on my new house, Magnum Board is the brand I used. The reasons I used it are; No paper so it won't mold, much much stronger, two layers of fiberglass. Half inch and you can stand on the back side when on trusses 2' oc.

I always hated gypsum; weak, heavy and falls apart and molds if it gets wet.

It is tougher to cut, of course it is much stronger, I wouldn't use paper tape or water soluable mud as that would defeat the purpose of mold resistant. Magnum Board recommends fiberglass tape and Rapid Set One Pass.

I distribute BuildBlock ICFs and may want to sell Magnum Board, interested in opinions.
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We used MgO on a 27 unit commercial job for tile backer on both walls (1/2) and floors (1/4). First time using it and if would use it again.

It cut pretty well with a utility knife, easier than other tile backer products. 2 or 3 scores and it will snap right off. Small cut offs were a pain, though.

Although I don't remember the exact pricing, I think we were around 7-8 bucks a sheet. We got a pretty hefty discount buying in such a large quantity. We were only able to source MgO from one dealer locally. Not sure how it is in other areas, but availability may be an issue.
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