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Hi, new to the forum.

Have noticed that there are variations in the ways some manufacturers mount the metering valve to the botom of the pressure vessel. Unlike the familiar 1 1/4 BSP socket. In particular I noticed one soda unit that has a d flange style mount ( round flat plate with 4 drilled holes and a 2 inch? outlet hole) Just wondering why they do it that way and are there any benefits in doing so? Do they run a pneumatic butterfly valve for material shutoff, similar to much larger industrial pressure vessels?


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"The system that I saw with this system is the Chesapeak soda system.
Anyone had experience with these? "

I own one, works great.
Chessie Clean, (Blast Equipment & Service)
is on here sometimes. He knows them well,
would be worth a phone call for him to explain to you.

the 4 bolt on the bottom is for acess to the end of the metering rod and nozzle.
the grit (soda) is opperated by a elec. ball valve.
have had mine of a long time with out fail.
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