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metal roof interlocking tile

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All -

Do any of you have any experience in working on removing aluminum interlocking roof tile? Got a remodeling job to add a dormer to a house w/ existing metal tile roof. Plan is to remove the tiles, once framing is done, reuse the tiles to re-tile the area connecting to the siding. It is about a 8x12 dormer. Any advice on handling the job will be appreciated.
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knowing the manufacturer and type of tile would be helpful.
Find out which one you are dealing with, find the installation instructions. Removal is in reverse of installation.
Most manufacturers post the installation. Being aluminum there are more than likely only 2 manufacturers. Interlock and ATAS. ( there is one other manufacturer, but that one uses smaller ATAS pieces.)

the word TILE to me is generally a rounded roof material. Spanish Tile, Roman Tile, etc. The post
may be referring to Tile in a general term of roof covering.

my answer is the same, but is referring to a rounded profile aluminum metal roofing.
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Sounds like a Classic product called Country Manor.

They are pretty popular, have been for years. Take a pic of what you have and post it if your not sure.

We call them tiles also but its just a generic term that covers a few different products. However, when ordering materials for example I have to be specific. IE, Metro Tile vs. Metro Shake are completely different profiles made by the same company. There is also Decra Shake and Decra Tile same situation but all are called "tiles" by the installers. I think they are more like panels than tiles, but calling them all tiles just seems to have stuck over the years.
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Thanks both. Yes.. the "tile" could be misleading. According to the owner, it was done by a company that use the Interlock system. Attached are couple of pictures of the roof. Does putting the "tile" back be much more complicated than removing back, esp in this case they will be put back around the dormer. Trying to figure out the budget for the job. If I am sub this out.. how much I should expect from my sub? I got one quote and it is in the 10k range. That doesn't seem right.


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