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Can't wait to start the new home project as soon as the snow goes away, and by the look of it, I don't think it will, it just keeps coming and coming.

Well anyway, got my Home renovation project set up and ready to go. Plans are ready and just waiting for the weather to break. I posted some pictures here of my next project, I think its listed under 1900's House... So while dealing with snow been giving a CA Premier 6 a run.

So here is a few things I designed for my next project while messing with it, a few elevation shots, a you-tube video so people can see what the final project will look like and all that other good stuff, so the Real Estate people can start advertising.

So here we go boys and girls

Here is also a video, this was done on the first try, still playing around ehehe, but its good enough, I hope nobody gonna get dizzy.



1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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