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Merchant services account

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Hi All, what are you guys using. Spell it all out fees hidden fees per transaction, monthly and so on. Will not market this service. I get 1-2 customers per year that request it I pass them onto paypal. I got 4- just in the 1st q of this year. Paypal banned from them because there was too many funds in too short of time. They wanted my financials for the past 3/years. Never got around to it and ultimately dammed.
Square does not work. Sales by sale is 5k to 20k per transaction.
Greatly appreciate your input.

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For that size transaction you should probably just talk to your bank Yanni. The rates from a bank are usually better, sometimes as much as half of Paypal's starting rate, but they do take a bit more to get started. The perks are that you usually won't have funds get held up, the negative is that it's harder to avoid the backcharges on cc fraud filings. I'd recommend that you start a new account just to associate with the merchant services and transfer funds from that account to your main biz account.

I've had bad experiences with most of the merchant services I've run transactions with(and I've literally run million of dollars in transactions) but the banks handle their issues faster than the others, especially when they know that their going to lose all your business and accounts if they can't make it right.
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I use PNC. I forget the fees to be honest, but you can call them. I was thinking about PayPal, but 1)they wanted my SS number, 2) their fees were higher than PNC's and 3) the money wasn't available instantly.

Very happy with PNC. I also do my business and personal banking with them as well. No issues

I can accept cc using my phone too. Love it
Paypal svx. They can and do hold your money for no legit reason.
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