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Media Guide?

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I know, another newb question. Is there any type of "guide" available anywhere online or elsewhere that gives a pretty good suggested media for different applications?
My blasting service is designed for pool waterline tile/stone applications. That can be ceramic glazed tile, glass tile, quartzite, slate, etc. Most out here are using #10 glass beads for the glazed tile.

I'm hoping that I can diversify at some point and do different surfaces to keep busy. Graffiti removal from block walls/bldgs., fountain and waterfall calcium removal off of natural stone, etc.

Just curious if anything is out there as far as a guide? Thanks all for the input!
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The online "guide" is a great idea though. It seems to me this forum has the documented projects, media application and expertise needed to create such a document. It would be great if we could put together a panel of the most experienced blasters here to contribute information to creating such a document. We have the people, experience, and information here. Would be nice to put a spreadsheet together as a kind of "rule of thumb" document. Obviously, ever job is different with it's own set of dynamics. Having said that, a general guide would be a great starting point. Especially so for newbies like myself. Anyone that's greatly experienced care to participate?
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Thanks for the feedback Betterblast. It's actually very helpful. Great job on the pool BigWave! What did you end up using? How long did it take?
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