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McFeelys History

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I was ordering from McFeelys back in the days when McFeeelys ONLY sold screws - and was not offering power tools, etc, etc.

Back then, I was tired of Phillips screws and wanted a better screw with less camout. Hence, McFeelys.

I'm not sure back then were there a *manufacturer* of the square drives they sold versus just a seller of square drives.

Fast forward to today. All my screws have been GRK for the last 4-5 years.

Just curious , as I know McFeelys has been sold and their current ecommerce website is a JOKE to say the least. Back to the original ?. The current square drives they sell, are they made by or FOR Mc'Feelys and are they mostly of Canadian Origin...
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I won't buy another thing from these guys no matter the price. The website is also possibly the worst I used in a long time.

What's funny is the real mcfeelys guy the one with the beard shops in my local woodcraft. Not come across him yet but he's not far from here.
There is a company offering screws in Thunder Bay.
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