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Maybe going on a reality TV show......

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I'm in the semi finals for this reality TV show. Its not a competition show, not a backstabbing show, I'm acutally doing it for my relationship. I'm in the semi finals and I have a shot to make it to the finals. I'll be away the entire month of Feb.

Now, anybody that looks up my name will be able to get my business phone number, something that I cannot hide. I'm wondering if I was on a TV show that was on a major network and aired 8-10 epsiodes, what would it do for the business. I'm thinking it would help, what do you guys think?
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Seems like a no-brainer. Unless it's a show that gets it's ratings by belittling the contestants...then you might be viewed negatively locally.

It's actually one of those shows that will help the people on the show. Like the casting director told me today, its a "feel good" reality show. Different from the other ones. My dogs are taken care of, my partner is going to take over all of my snow removal accounts, and I will have to push back work for the entire month of February. The only issue is, they are telling us two weeks from now if we make it to Cali. It will give me like a day to prepare to go, lol, show business....
Do we get to know what show it is? My wife is a realality show junkie and would like to know. Me, I don't watch but might if it was worth while.
Do you have a son known as The Bubble Boy? Just kidding. Good luck on the show. Keep us informed.
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It sounds interesting, let us know the name of the show so we can check it out. Where are you in Brookhaven? I grew up there.

I still would be cautious. I'm sure it's all on the up and up, but be cautious of "it's a feel good show" People like to watch conflict and others problems.
Hopefully it's not "The Jersey Shore".:laughing:
Flavor - Flav!!

Just remember act a fool! Americans love to hate people, we reward bad behavior with ratings! and don't worry about your construction business ... you have a new career ahead of you. Be prepared to jump off the cliff for that rope out of mediocrity ... don't be afraid to fail, reach for the sky bubba!

Be the next William James Hung!

It's much easier than being Octo-Mom.
ummmmm, na. its not a competition. lol, out of 12000 submissions, were we one of the 200 picked for the semi finals. now we wait two weeks. we submitted it for fun thinking we would be perfect for the show and the casting director thought so too, we will see
Hopefully it's not "The Jersey Shore".:laughing:
Dude, I swear I haven't watched MTV since "Home Sweet Home" was #1 on Dial-MTV but I am hooked on Jersey Shore. AND I DON'T EVEN GO TO THE JERSEY SHORE! You're right, nothing like watching a train wreck. :thumbsup:
It's a better way to get your name out in front of the public than knocking on doors and making robo- calls. :whistling
Yea, Jersey Shore is the most amazing train wreck of a show ever. The one liners are so funny. The fights make me laugh, beacuse thats how those people roll, huge heads.
It will probably do nothing for you business, but you only live once homey :thumbsup:

Have fun, it could lead to something may have to ditch the wifey :whistling:laughing::thumbsup:

Well, I got chosen to be on this show, its really amazing, I rally have no idea what to expect. The odds ran 1 in 2400, I'll be out in cali by the end of the month, production takes 4-5 weeks.

The most insane thing about this was the agreement. I can't discuss the specifics, but damn, its a scary scary agreement. I guess I'll let the board know more when I'm able to talk about it, lol
I remember hearing a story that Bob Villa, when he was still a contractor, had a friend who produced some small time stuff for WNET. She kept bugging him to let her follow him around while he was doing a remodel.
He agreed to let her do it for one season and then quit annoying him.

The rest as they say....
Assume that it will cost you money and do it because you want to, not because it will be good for your business, and it will be all right.

edit-Been there got the t-shirt (and that is ALL we got).
Why go to PA to get a contractor to bring to California? we have 300,000 licensed contractors here plus 20 million illegal ones.
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Everyone will appreciate this place I stayed in for a month!!!

Well, I got back from Cali shooting the show on Monday.

I lived in a 40 million dollar mansion in Bel-Air, it was F****** amazing.

The chandelier alone in the house was 450K. The pics you see of the chandelier was not the one in the house at the time of the shooting. It costs between 80-90k a month to rent the place out and I think the utilities ran over 15k a month.

I still can't believe I lived in it for an entire month, enjoy the links fellas!!!

click on additional photos

No, I was not on American Idol, haha
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