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Hi, I'm Al and I'm old. :wheelchair:

Old but still hanging. I work in FL and CA and sometimes in between if I land a management gig. Mostly residential, although I got my start in commercial tilt-ups (Union Carpenter). That was back in 1979 before my latest wife was born. She would be #4, and no, the others did not die though mysterious circumstances. They just get old :sick: and Im a grumpy bastard. #4 calls me "Old Man" and thats fine by me, why lie.

Through the years Ive learned most of the trades and arguably, today, am probably master of none. I did work as a building inspector for a few years but that got really boring although I must admit I liked the freedom of being out in the field. Since Im getting tired I now market myself into construction project management, the rest of the time I fall back on residential remods and additions if the job has an interesting element to it. I get a lot of work because I have an all-female crew that wears only bikinies under their tool belts :w00t: and my mostly male customers don't really care if they do a good job or not. I wish. Seriously I have a small crew of good guys but I sub out a lot of work too.

I'll be happy to share my experience even though I suffer from CRS syndrome :cry: (Cant Remember Sh#%) which may also cause me to ask some stupid questions more often than not.

I do see some rude children here from the "my parents failed when teaching me social skills" era, but far out-numbered by good guys so Im really looking forward to being here. :party:

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Welcome Al, don't worry about the CRS, there are many here who are afflicted with KIA syndrome, so there is a delicate balance that needs to be maintained.:laughing:
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