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Who Will Win?

  • Warren

    Votes: 33 31.1%
  • shanekw1

    Votes: 35 33.0%
  • Sir Mixalot

    Votes: 38 35.8%
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As part of our commitment to you, our community members, we are pleased to announce the release of the all new Contractor of the Month program on ContractorTalk!

With this program, we will feature one of you each month as the community's Contractor of the Month! All of the names you see nominated will be of those members who have excelled in their field and embody traits such as integrity, knowledge, and sound business skills. It is our privilege to honor them this way.

Each month, the Contractor of the Month will receive a $350 eGift Card, a custom forum badge, a featured spot in our Monthly Newsletter, and the honor of having their name and company listed in our Contractor of the Month page!

Take the time to look at each of the nominees' bios and then vote for your favorite! The poll will close in two weeks and the winner announced after.

You are allowed only one vote per poll. All winners will be ineligible for 12 months from being nominated.

May the best contractor win! :thumbup:

Sir Mixalot



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Yes, the nominees are all mods this month. We wanted to start off with our Mods so that we could complete and release the program with a bit of secrecy to add an element of surprise to the community! Next month we will start a thread where members can nominate members and the top choices will be included in the poll.

Please be sure to vote!


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So who's gonna be the first to run a youtube election campaign? Lol

I'm voting for the guy that will replace beer into the water fountains


Contractor of the Month
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Alright how the hell did they get nominated?

Not so sure I see all of them posting religiously?

Let's nominate that Inner10 guy, he knows his beans from his rice. :whistling
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