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I would not feel confident about any web site material costs for anything but budgets for two reasons:

1. You never know how current they maybe and they now be ajusted for geography and local variations.

2. Few sellers ever provide real prices and may just throw out high prices (like a comp bid) or they may just do it for advertising or to bait competition into selling for too low a figure.

These type prices are good enough for general pricing and budgeting. They are not good enough to real current bidding.

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I am probably too new a member to be the one to say this, and, in no way mean to overstep my bounds...


Introduce yourself in the new member intro section. Too many homeowners, DIYers, and (under the table) part time contractor wanna-be's:furious: come onto this site to get free advise from the pros. This site is not for them. If you are one of them, go away. There are homeowner and DIY sites out there for amateur help.


Probably shouldn't ask a question (specially one about any form of pricing) the first day you log on. Take some time to look around, this question has been addressed before - try the "search" button :whistling

And Finally,

If you really are a contractor, even a new one, this is a great site to share quality information. The regulars will warm up to you once you've been around for a little while.

Good luck,

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hey guys i am some what new to the estimating process and looking for material price list on the web, if anybody can give me a heads up on a good site i would be grateful.
WOW!!!:eek:I mean WOW!!:eek:We ALL ask newbie questions and make mistakes but WOW!!!!:eek:

SERIOUSLY look at what your are typing at least ONE time and see if it ranks in the TOP 5 STUPIDEST questions on CT.

WHAT "material" and WHERE are you located?

Some of the guys and gals on this site act sophomoric at times but it's just their way of having fun and hazing someone. Get to know them ask a DETAILED question.(USUALLY NOT before 25-50 posts) and sit back and watch the FLOOD of useful info. Some of these posters are some of the most knowledgeable people in their trades and have a well rounded knowledge in all others too.:notworthy

IF you're talking about cabinet hinges, pulls, handles and you want Blum. No less then 10 people will tell you where they're getting them from and how close to you the co. is located IF YOU SAY where your jobsite or where you're shipping to is located!!:eek:

EVEN HD varies in price in the SAME F:censored:king town. A PT 2X4 might cost $2.85 on the west side by me and $2.95 on the southside or Orange Park. We have between 7 and ???? HDs and who knows how many other lumber yards.

Take Bob of the Famous Bob’s Landscaping ( whose parent corporation is Grass Unlimited inc. with an office in Luxemburg, Germany and corporate headquarters in the Caymans:laughing:)

He is in Idaho. There is a company here in Jax advertising 500 sq ft pallets of St. Augustine grass at $50 per.

HOW MUCH WILL IT COST “IF” we could get it to him in usable condition?

Ask “How much is it going to cost for me to build a house” you’ll get tree fidy to THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!:laughing:

AGAIN WOW!!!!:eek:
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