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Matching an old floor finish

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I recently did a repair on a herring bone solid oak floor. The repair is about 18 sq.ft. total.
The problem I am having is matching the sheen to the remainder of the floor.
My client does not want to coat the whole floor again, so I am looking for tips on how to get the satin sheens to match. Any ideas?
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The customer will probably not be happy. Unless there is a natural break in the floor, you will need to refinish the top coat. It is just like a car. You can't paint just half the hood, or 1/2 the quarter panel. You need to do it all or you will see a difference.

nearly impossible.....

this message will self destruct...
LOL, Flor.

Take some of your scraps, old and new, you'll have to brake the urethane off the old so it will soak stain. You need an underlaying base color on the new, this sometimes doesn't even get close to the finnish color. Then start experimenting.

After you think you have found your match, try it in macro scale next to existing, it will need fine tuneing.

I have had great success in this, but it's very time consuming. Good luck.:Thumbs:

I agree with Glass. I have done this when matching damaged trim (chairmould especially). It can be done, it is time consuming and it will test your wits.
How about using simple TSP as a deglossing agent?
I got a good color match, but still having trouble with then sheen. All the test pieces are too dull.
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