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Here's a nice remodel I did on a master bedroom and bathroom I just finished. The homeowner had just purchased this house dispite hating the master bedroom. The orignal house had a single car carport that was closed in and made into a bedroom, but for some unknown reason, it had seven foot ceilings. The bathroom was hideous and small.

I ripped out the ceiling, raised it to 8', reversedt the layout, stole three feet from a living room that she never used and created something that she is extremely happy with including a very large walk-in closet.

The first two pics, of course, are "before"

I built her a floating vanity (the drawers are not on in this picture) and did a "chiseled edge" granite top with a 6" backsplash. I installed undervanity LED lighting and custom built a light box with LED lights overhead. I did vertical glass bands that match the sink and I extended the wall tile out of the shower to the corner of the room from floor to ceiling. Can lights and a really nice (and heavy) glass tile lined mirror completed

The drop ceiling in the shower was actually mandated by some whacked out framing that the previous contractor did when he closed in the carport. Not enough room here to explain, but it was really screwed up.

I didn't take a picture, but I used carbonized bamboo flooring in the bedroom and walk-in closet.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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