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Master Bath/Tiled Shower

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I've got a master bath remodel going and am about to tile the shower. I have some experience with tile but wanted to get some help on the shower pan. So I called a friend of mine that lays flooring to ask if he would help. He's game.

Everything I've read on shower systems says that to be completely sure of your system, you need to bring the membrane up the walls. (Schluter-Kerdi is what I am refererring to, as well as most of you guys.)

The sub says he hasn't had any problems in the six years he has been in business, and runs the membrane only up the walls about 8 inches. He then seals the grout lines on every job to ensure that moisture is not entering the system through the grout. He was pretty particular about the pan and making sure everything is legit there.

Seems like it would work. I guess I'd rather run the membrane, then mess around with the sealer? Any of you go about it this way?

I ran sheetrock to the shower, and then 1/2 hardibacker in the shower.

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You need to address the CBU seams and screw holes. You can use a liquid waterproofing over them or a membrane all the way up to the ceiling (or where ever the tile stops). Either way, you need to waterproof.
Grout sealant is NOT a replacement nor a permanent way to waterproof a shower. :wallbash:
I agree with Angus, waterproof the entire shower.
I use epoxy grout which has roughly the same absorption rate as porcelain tile - less than 1%, and still put Kerdi on the entire shower
That's what I thought. Thanks for the confirmation.
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