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Does anyone know how long the state is taking to process csl renewals ?

I searched and found a thread from 2012 and it was averaging 4/6 weeks


P.s I went with the online continuing ed for 99 for the 12 hour course
it was convenient and affordable , you've probably received their mailer
and if not i can post the name if that's allowed .
Mine was up in september. I sent in the renewal the end of july and it showed up at the end of october. I was nervous as it got close so i called and said what am i supposed to do in the meantime and they told me to submit permits with a copy of the cleared check we sent them, i was like yea right like anyones gonna accept that. Turns out all the towns were pretty used to it. Met one inspector that was still waiting over 4 months for his to come back!
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