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Some views are so stunning that they demand the perfect frame, whether they’re hanging on a wall in a gallery or are just outside your customer’s living room door. Instead of blocking these breathtaking vistas with drywall and tiny windows, wouldn’t it be great to have a better way to bring them into the home?

Marvin’s scenic doors are an innovative product that help to marry a project home’s interior to the world outside, whether combining kitchen and patio, integrating a pool with indoor areas for entertaining or simply trying to capture the view of the natural world. Marvin doors lead the industry in sizes, as well, in terms of both width and height, providing homeowners a versatile selection to choose from.

If your client is considering a scenic door, you can help them decide what option will best achieve the effect they desire, by talking them through a few considerations.

Scenic doors can be show-stopping, but the choices related to function and hardware and the way they’re installed can make all the difference between a mediocre wall of windows and brilliant influence on the interior and exterior spaces.

Choosing a location with a beautiful view is only the first step, integrating that view is the next big hurdle. Whether working scenic doors into the original design or fitting them as part of a replacement or remodel, a seamless look can be achieved, adding nature’s beauty to the home’s interior.

It’s important that you know exactly what your customer hopes to accomplish with a Marvin scenic door before starting the project, so you can help them choose the perfect option for their perfect home. Here are a few considerations to start with:

Is the home located in a harsh climate? Marvin scenic doors are manufactured to provide a high degree of protection against drafts or heat transference; they can also be customized for exceptional protection for particularly hot or cold climates. If your customer is concerned about being able to maintain their home’s inside temperature in a particular environment, your Marvin representative can accommodate them.

Do you have enough room allotted for the door? The various types of scenic doors in the Marvin line-up require a specific amount of clearance in order to work properly. For example, if the project calls for a door that can be completely pushed out of the line of sight, you might suggest a pocket style door, which will add to the thickness of the exterior wall. Having proper clearance is key to long-term happiness with these products.

How do the panels and hardware affect the door’s appearance? Panel design and hardware can have a huge impact when it comes to a home’s look. It’s often the little things that add up to really create an environment, so take the time to consider which options will best complement the home’s design. Marvin scenic doors can be customized almost endlessly, whether your customer wants to make a bold statement or prefers clean lines and hidden hardware.

What does the door look like in both closed and opened positions? How the scenic door operates and looks once installed will have a major impact on your customer’s experience with it. A sample panel can tell them some things, but unless your client sees a real scenic door , both opened and closed, it’s hard to imagine what specific stiles or rails will look like when placed together or how the panels move out of the way to allow the indoors into a home.

What type of sill is appropriate? Although many homeowners never notice the sill, their guests may inadvertently find it with their feet. This seemingly insignificant part of the scenic door is vital to its functioning, but some manufacturers’ sills can create a trip hazard in some situations.

Marvin scenic doors are made to act like a seamless wall when fully closed, but just how they function in a home can be determined by the sill that’s chosen. Marvin also offers low-profile, flush sills or performance and high performance sill options that meet or exceed a LC-PG50 rating. They’re even made of durable, fiber-reinforced polyurethane, so they won’t burn the kids’ feet when walking on them on hot, sunny days.

What are the thermal performance characteristics? Homeowners in more extreme climates deserve to frame their snow- or palm-bespeckled landscape, too - that’s why Marvin scenic doors are made with U-factors of up to 0.28. This, combined with durable seals and high quality construction, protect interior spaces from the heat or cold while preserving the view outside. The thermal performance of these units can be exceptional.

How will the door need to be installed? Marvin scenic doors can be installed as pocket doors, stacked doors, bi-fold doors or bypass doors. Depending upon the desired look, all these door types can complement the appearance of the room beautifully, but this issue must be decided upon early in the process, in order to ensure the doorway is properly framed.

The addition of an “active door,” that is, a fixed door that allows movement in and out even when the scenic door is completely closed, as well as screens, are other considerations that will ultimately affect the installation process.

Which Marvin Scenic Door is Right for Your Project?

Deciding that a Marvin scenic door is right for your project is just the beginning, you’ll also want to help your customer choose the style that will best complement their lifestyle and needs. With endless color and hardware combinations available for these completely customized doors and sill solutions to allow the door to mount flush against the flooring, the only real question is which type of door will work best in your customer’s home.

The Marvin Ultimate Bi-Fold door is designed to be minimally visually invasive in spots where pocketed doors aren’t an option. The sheer size potential of these doors make them the right choice for many projects. The only limit is the size of the opening, making them a great option when the best answer is opening a wall entirely to the outdoors. With concealed locking systems and multi-points, they’re a beautiful and safe door for use anywhere. The daily active door option gives your customers a way to go into and out of their home without having to open the larger bi-fold door. They make a great replacement door, too, if your project demands a retrofit!

Ultimate Multi-Slide doors  available in widths up to 56 feet and heights up to 12 feet, are perfect solutions for hot or cold climates. With tight weather-stripping and industry leading thermal control performance, they’ll help keep the home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The thick panels achieve a contemporary look, while providing a very substantial feel to the room, as well as the weather resistant properties inherent to these Marvin doors. Multi-slide doors sit on top of a track and move with the help of precision stainless steel bearing rollers, ensuring smooth and quiet travel for years to come. Multi-Slide doors are available in either pocket or stacked styles.

Ultimate Lift and Slide doors can also achieve either a traditional or contemporary look, while fitting seamlessly into the finished floor, allowing the sill to virtually disappear. A simple lifting action allows movement of the door above the weather-stripping for smooth travel, no matter how large the door is (these doors can be designed to fill spaces up to 48 feet wide). Choose between pocket and stacked styles for an elegant wall solution with a practically invisible sill

Whether your client’s grand view is in the mountains, along the beach or a cabin up in the woods, Marvin scenic doors have the perfect tailored option to frame it. These elegant, weatherproof doors are the best way to marry indoor living with the great outdoors. Durable, worry-free and well-insulated, Marvin scenic doors add a massive wow to any home.

Sponsored by:  Marvin Windows and Doors