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Have you ever thought of thinking outside the box when advertising?
Have you ever thought of using what's most on people's minds to get them to call you?
Some companies are taking advantage of all the news lately and coming up with sales to drum up new business.

for example:

When the bailouts were happening, some companies were offering "customer bailouts" as a part of a sale. Giving money away to use towards the purchase of whatever.

Now that "cash for clunkers" is the hot topic.....some companies can have a trade in sale.
So if you build new decks, you can give the customer money for their old deck to use towards the purchase of their new one.

Now this isn't any different than dropping your trousers and taking 10% off the top from an estimate...but it creates a buzz.

Any examples that you have used to take advantage of thinking outside the box for marketing?

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Now is the Time!

With all the postive news out there right now and the buzz on the up swing why not jump on this bandwagon??

I always tell contractors to look at other industries outside of our business and adapt to fit your promotion.

I would be slaying the window market right like we are with the $1500 rebate program. Are sales are through the roof with window sales.

8 out 10 will sit on the sidelines and ***** why they have no sales but it's that 2% that sing to the bank!! Yes!:notworthy
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