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Man Hours for Tongue and Groove Siding

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I recently started a job installing tongue and groove cedar siding in a 12x24 Jacuzzi house with 10’ high walls and an 8/12 cathedral ceiling. I downloaded a trial version of “National Estimator” to figure the bid. It gives 0.035 per square foot for 10’ lengths. That’s 100 SF in 3 ½ hours. Does that sound right?

This is the first time I've done a job like this, but still…
After cutting everything to length, cutting out for the electrical, re-cutting some but joints for a nice tight fit, and then making sure everything is level and lines up around the room, it seems like it should take longer than that.

I realize that the man hours will be different above 9’ and also on the cathedral ceiling. However, even below 9’ on the walls, is 0.035 HRS/SF a reasonable number for 1 person who’s working alone?

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You can't do that job alone and make any money. You need at least one helper.
What's the reveal?
It could be 4", it could be 12", still need some help unless you can saw with one hand, hammer with the other and spit the nails (or something similar involving a nail gun.)
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