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Making profit is bad?

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Why is that those of us who don't have to take jobs with little or no profit are the bad guys? I am licensed, insured, pull permits use legal subs etc.. and charge for it, now again we get people who come on here and blast us for charging a higher price than Juans remolding who uses illegal labor etc.. but we are the bad guys! :censored:
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According to most home owners if you can drive a new truck, own alot of tools, take pride in your work and have experience at it then you dont need a profit. Obviously you are already wealthy in more ways than one. When you become poor enough to own two or three new homes, drive a new BMW and take your whole family on cruises like most homeowners then you would understand what it is like to be as broke as they are.

Couldn't have nailed it any better!:notworthy
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