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Making profit is bad?

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Why is that those of us who don't have to take jobs with little or no profit are the bad guys? I am licensed, insured, pull permits use legal subs etc.. and charge for it, now again we get people who come on here and blast us for charging a higher price than Juans remolding who uses illegal labor etc.. but we are the bad guys! :censored:
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How dare you ask for enough money to pay your bills AND take a vacation!

You are expected to make enough money to eat CheesyMac and hot dogs..... you are not entitled to steak and lobster. You should live under a bridge.... you are not entitled to a house. You should be driving a 1986 Yamaha dirt bike...... you are not entitled to a truck.

The average HO doesn't care that your kid needs braces, you mother-in-law is in the hospital, and whatever other personal problems you have. $10 an hour is better than minimum wage, and by golly you need to learn to live with that much!
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