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Most remodeling agencies jump on a platform like Facebook or Twitter and post and post and post and post and post. Just wander aimlessly around the Twitter-sphere, they will find you no problem. Right? Soon a plane full of eager followers will fly overhead and galvanize the salvation of your account.

This method of thinking gets many new businesses to social media in trouble. Interacting with other accounts serves a multitude of services for your pages. On Facebook, it is a little more difficult with the company page having limited features. However with Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest reaching out is nearly as easy as it is beneficial. Engaging other users is a simple 2-step process: identify and initiate.


Blindly casting a line off the island shore will reel in as many productive partnerships as it would fish. One's own small business decides who to approach. Start with complimentary products and services to your own. Should roofing be your specialty, find an organization that focuses on exterior home improvements. Delve into the company to make sure that it offers services beside what your business could do itself. If tiling and countertops around the home are the forte, partner with a cabinet door wholesaler is the perfect partner for social media and blog networking. Every general contracting organization has complimentary businesses that they rely on to complete projects.

*Collaborating with wholesalers of products that you could install yourself are the best bet because:
1. They are not in competition with your business.
2. There is no chance of mutual services being offered.
3. A deal where you get discounts on a given product you frequently order for projects is supremely possible.

Don't be afraid to reach out to physical business partners as well. Should there be a home improvement company that you enjoyed working with the in past, email them with a mutually beneficial proposal. Not only will this have a higher chance of coming to fruition than finding someone online (which still isn't difficult), the pairing of viral entities often cultivates customer loyalty between the organizations.

Throughout the social media community there are infinitely more potential partnerships than not. The more one obtains, the better. Identify a partner in each niche of one's industry. Seek one landlord, one interior designer, one general contractor, one property rehabber, and anybody who is related to your service. Just like one to grow the garden, one to hunt, one to fish, and one to gather water. Nobody survived a shipwreck with just one friend.


Online a firm handshake is replaced with an acknowledgement of work. A simple retweet, Facebook like, comment, or Google +1 is the perfect way to nudge your foot in the door. Chances are if you find something interesting, your audience does as well.

Without seeming pushy, these simple actions extend an olive branch of informational interest into what their company has to offer. Soon the recipient of your attention will return your viral-handshake with a retweet of his or her own. Somehow the name of "SOCIAL media" has become a misnomer in the mind of its users. One must be social, and willing to collaborate, to be noticed.

Progress slowly with the level of interaction. Should an interior design company already have an established social presence, they won't be as welcoming to being badgered about collaborating. After a few comments and tweets are exchanged back and forth, privately message them complimenting another aspect of their business (i.e. a blog or new project.) Do NOT have your first private contact be with a proposal.

Building an online presence is a lengthy process. Find professionals that will mesh well with what your business has to offer. Be patient, engaging, and personal in your communication. Upon reaching out, nine times out of then the receiver will reciprocate. There was a long first season of "Lost" where the survivors bumbled around the island and getting acquainted before roles were established. Just make sure to establish a relationship with your potential partners before you deem them the one that will build you a raft.
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