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I am designing a new island fireplace for my own home and looking to use large concrete tiles to finish it.

I am basically designing something similar to this but it will only be ~5' tall and then have exposed pipe to the lid. and it wont be see through.

fyi, I am using this marquis unit:

My tiles wont be as large as those in the top picture, but close.

This company makes those tiles but they are extremely expensive with shipping and all.

So I am just looking for some place to start and any advice, links etc.


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The process of making concrete brick and wall stones is proprietary. They are more secretive about the process than Coke is about its formula. My daughter once worked for a concrete brick manufacturer and I bought some concrete brick for a project. I told the salesman I was interested in a tour and he got that deer in the headlights look, stuttered and stammered and finally said he'd talk to the owner. Never heard another word from him. I told my daughter about it and she told me that only a few key employees are allowed in the restriced areas where the "secret" process is done. But my guess is that some sort of vibration/rotation process is used in a vacuum environment.

Concrete brick are extraordinarily tough. My bricklayer charged extra as you can't just break them with a trowel like clay brick. (Well, you can but they don't break very predictively.) Nearly everything is a saw cut. And they are very heavy, probably 1.5 times the weight of a comparably sized clay brick.
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