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You said "If I take a 220 male plug (similar to regular 110 plug, with one prong sideways)". This will not work as already mentioned, this is a 3 wire 20 amp receptacle.

What do you need the extra plug for? air compressor, etc?

Back in the day when I was a sub, I have a compressor that is 120/240 volt and had a extra pigtail so I could wire it accordingly. So I usually ran it on 240.

Now I make my own temp poles, and have at least a 50 amp 4 wire 240 volt, a 30 amp 120 RV, and 2 20 amp 120 volt receptacles. This way I am covered for almost anything. I use the 30 amp RV for my motorhome which I keep at the job sites. And have a Marinco 169AYRV Y-adapter that will split the 50 amp into two 30 amp RV receptacles, then I use a adapter box with breakers on these ends to a normal 20 amp receptacle. I also have a couple of adapters that will convert the 50 amp into other 240 volt receptacles like for a welder, etc.
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