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I think you will find that you will have a hard time making a profit charging $65 an hour across the board. I have come up with a system that works for me on small service work. First hour: $***(billed for an hour if 15mins or an hour), additional hours or half hours: $**.

I will make a slight concession to minimum first hour on jobs next door to each other, but if I have roll up hoses and move down the street it's back to first hour minimum. You have to be firm on your minimum, because as you can tell by looking at the numbers. Travel time, set-up, break-down time can really eat in to productivity/profits.

None of my work is billed by the hour to customers. But, when I bid a job I break it down to hours for me. I have my minimum first hour in my head and add $10, $20, $30, or more for travel time.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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