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The Krendl is overpriced. A Force 2 is not a contractor's machine.

A Krendl 2000, or an older 250 would be a good machine for you, and expect to pay $2500 for a decent one. Watch Craig's list closely and don't miss eBay searches using "insulation machine" as your search. I would try hard to sell cellulose instead of fiberglass....when the builders see the difference, it will sell itself. Fiberlite, in Joplin, will sell you the product by the semi load, which is about the only way to be competitive with pricing.

If you are thinking new, Meyers makes a good machine and Fiberlite is trying to buy the company. Arkseal in Denver has used machines as well.

Check this out:

My son wants to buy a new Meyers machine...I won't recommend the machine he is using, but it is for sale. Insulamxx 4000
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