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Hi, Ive spent many hours doing research looking to get into the insulation business mainly because of the contractors that do insulation around here are very undependable and I pride my company on being dependable.

So (because of the relationships I have made over the years) most of my builders have said if you can meet this price you can take over. Most homes I do here in Nebraska have wall batts and fiberglass blown attic. Higher end homes have Fiberglass BIBS

My question is this. Im not into taking big risks and borrowing a lot of money. Currently I have a couple of used blowers that I am looking at. One is a Krendl 1000 well used for 2500$ another used machine is a Force 2 by Intec for 3200$. And can these machines do BIBS?

I know the Force 2 is considered the workhorse of the industry but afraid that with the large custom homes the ammount of material/hour might not be cost effective for me. I'm not going to go throw down 10-13 grand yet until I get into the swing of things just looking for some opinions. I have 2 trailers that I could work out of currently without having to buy a truck.
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