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I have a year old Luxaire Furnace Model G8T 80 % efficient. Recently, whenever the furnace cycled on again, the jets would puff out immediately after igniting. It would try this 3 times before shutting down. It is only happening radomly, and never while the furnace is operating and blowing heat. My solution has been to turn the unit off for ten minutes and then try again. This works, but only for a short time. The error light has blinked 7 times whenever this happens. According to the manual, this could be a number of problems...low gas pressure, faulty gas valve, faulty hot surface ignitor, or a burner problem. Since original installer moved, will have to call a new tech. Would like any ideas to check for before doing that. Only thing left for me is to change batteries in thermostat which I will do tonight. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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