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Luke Warm Water

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How can I get my water to be COLD??? When I turn on the tap water (Cold Only) and let it run it never gets colder than a luke warn tempreture. If it was a hot thing I know I could turn up the heat but does the same thing apply for cold???
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Considering the fact that it is summertime and most of the country is experiencing heat wave like conditions this will affect the cold water temp coming into your'e home. Well water is usually not affected because of it's depth or until the warmer water is flushed out of the pipe.

If you don't think this is the problem then we would need more specifics because it is possible you could have a cross connection i.e. bad solenoid on washer etc.
It is luke warm even in the winter. it just never seems to get that cold. It is not hot just in between
Have you tried shutting off your'e water heater or source of hot and then just run the cold??
No but that is a good idea, thanks
The old question, 'Where are you?' pops up again.
Here, in the summer, we rarely use hot water for anything. Tap water is warm enough for bathing and most other functions.
yes check for any cross connections

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